About Kadam

Kadam is a transport and forwarding company providing international and domestic carriage services since 2001. Our activity includes road transport across the whole Europe - from Western Europe to Asia. Our Clients operate in various industries and countries. We attempt to provide our transport services with passion and dedication by customising them to our Clients’ needs and requirements. KADAM’s professionalism has been confirmed by inscription into the ‘Trust-Worthy Company’ register since 2011.

We care for our Clients, and for this reason each of them is offered a customised purchase offer tailor-made to their needs. Our qualified and experienced personnel handle the entrusted tasks in a reliable and timely manner. In response to our Clients’ demands, we use latest technological innovations such as, e.g., vehicle tracking and the related client information system.

Our forwarders are available 24 hours a day, hence your cargo can be tracked at each stage of the shipping process.

Warehousing and additional logistics services

Kadam Company offers to you two storage locations in Silesia. The first location is Rybnik, and the second in Siemianowice Śląskie. In total, our warehouse infrastructure includes three warehouse halls with an area of 10000 m2. We specialize in oversize transport and all of our warehouses are adapted to storage large-size goods. It is possible because of specially adapted warehouse infrastructure.

Siemianowice Śląskie

ul. Plebiscytowa 3


ul. B. Czecha 149

The services we offer:

  • transport;
  • handling - loadings and unloading we realize according to customer's requirement and instructions;
  • storage of goods according to the FIFO or LIFO rules;
  • raporting and monitoring of stock levels – informing clients about a quality of the material and an amount of goods in the storage;
  • cross docking;
  • co-packing;
  • order picking;
  • picking;
  • checking the quality of goods;
  • making minor repairs;
  • co-manufacturing;
  • short-term or long-term storage of goods;
  • storage of oversize goods.

Siemianowice Śląskie

In the Warehouse in Siemianowice Śląskie Kadam offers you a warehouse space with an area of 5000m2 and 3000m2 of external warehouse space. The warehouse is located in very good location - only 3km from Katowice City center and DTŚ road, and only 6km from A4 highway.

The warehouse has a new equipment which includes 6 cranes (4 cranes with a lifting capacity of 12,5 tons and 2 cranes of a lifting capacity of 10 tons). The warehouse has been divided into 3 aisles. Each of them is operated by two cranes which can do the work in tandems, so the maximum lift capacity in our warehouse is up to 25 tons. Additionally our warehouse is equipped in forklifts with a lifting capacity of 1,5; 2,5 and 7 tons. Three entrance gates and a wide range of infrastructure makes it possible to admit to the warehousing of almost any type of goods. The warehouse is operated by specially trained staff with valid licenses to operate cranes and forklifts.



In the Warehouse in Rybnik Kadam offers you a warehouse space with an area of 2000m2. The warehouse is located only 8 km to Rybnik center and only 12 km from the city ring road, which provides possibility of quick access to A1 and A4 highways.

The warehouse is equipped with two 5 tons cranes and forklifts with a lifting capacity up to 2 tons. The warehouse is operated by specially trained staff with valid licenses to operate cranes and forklifts.

depending on your needs

Location comparison

Location comparison Rybnik Siemianowice Śląskie
Warehouse space 2000m2 8000m2
Cranes 2 x 5 tons 4 x 12,5 tons
2 x 10 tons
Forklifts 2 x 2 tons 1,5 tons
2,5 tons
7 tons
Office space rental - YES

Office space rental

In the Kadam Business Park in Siemianowice Śląskie we offer you office space rental with an area of 144 m2 to 550 m2. There are elevators to floors, and all of the spaces and surroundings are finished to a high standard. We give our rentiers the opportunity to arrange and divide rooms according to their own needs.


Transport and Spedition

Kadam is a company from the TSL industry and domestic carriage services since 2001. Our activity includes road transport across the whole Europe. We offer general cargo and full-vehicle and express consignments transportation. We offer the carriage of general cargo and full-truck cargos with various vehicles adjusted for this purpose. The modern means of transport we offer ensure safe shipment for our Clients.

Our fleet includes reliable and latest vehicles having EURO 5 and EURO 6 certificate.

We cooperate with our subcontractors to offer our clients services at the highest level at the best prices in the same time.

All of our trucks are equipped with a telematics system which provides us possibilities to monitor a implementation stage.

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Magda Dragon
Transport and Logistics Specialist

+48 788 265 122

Grzegorz Przybyłek
Facility and Warehouse Logistics Manager

+48 664 036 308


Kadam Business Park
ul. Plebiscytowa 3
41-100 Siemianowice Śląskie


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